For many years, the International Society of Police Surgeons was restricted only to physicians and dentists serving the health needs of police departments. As time passed, new disciplines were added to the society to increase its efficiency for the health needs of law enforcement.

In the 21 century, forensic expertise has also arrived. Doctors are rushing to take continuing education courses to improve their knowledge of forensic science and gain entry into the new market of criminal investigations. On one side of the coin we have the law enforcement establishment needing a large amount of health care services and on the other side, we have the forensic examiners' establishment. Now, for the first time, law enforcement's police surgeons and the forensic examiners are about to become one with membership in the International Society of Police Surgeons (ISPS).

Today, many health professionals are also involved in forensic science. This merger will allow the membership to become part of a forum where healthcare, forensic knowledge and law enforcement can collaborate.

All healthcare providers who qualify can become police surgeons once they meet the established criteria. "Protecting and Serving the healthcare needs of law enforcement" is the basic creed and philosophy of The International Society of Police Surgeons.

Our members come from all parts of the globe, bringing with them the knowledge of different police policies and how police surgeon's duties vary. Police surgeons share their forensic knowledge and scientific techniques with their fellow members, enabling them to develop new programs of care and service in their own country.
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